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  • Do you need to connect to my water or electric ?
    No our van is self sufficient. We do not connect up to your house for water or electric.
  • Do you groom cats?
    No we do not currently groom cats.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, credit or venmo.
  • Should I tip my stylist?
    While not required our stylists appreciate your acknowledgment of the love and care they provided your pet.
  • What if I am not happy with the groom?
    Please let the stylist know at the time of the groom if the groom is not to your satisfaction. We will complete on site at the time of your appointment.
  • Can you use my pet shampoo?
    Yes. If you have a medicated pet shampoo or even a favorite one we can use yours for your pet.
  • Why are you more expensive than a grooming salon?
    We bring a professional, personalized stylist directly to your home. While your pet is in our care they are not kept in a cage, they are receiving love and attention 100 % of the time.
  • Why would my pets temperament affect pricing?
    There are some pets that are not accustomed to being on a grooming table, maybe they are young, never been groomed or just don't want to be bathed or groomed on their appointment day. Additional handling would be charged if it takes our stylists extra time and care to complete the groom.
  • Can I muzzle my pet to be groomed?
    We are sorry but for the safety of your pet and our stylists we do not groom pets that need to be muzzled.
  • Does my dog need vaccinations?
    We require proof of current rabies vaccination for all dogs.
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